*Getting the message out

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          Telling stories these days is easy. The hard part is getting the message out, standing apart from the crowd. How can we do this? For starters, we can select and support opinion leaders who tell the stories that we want to hear. Opinion leaders are individuals who influence lots of people –politicians, corporate executives, news commentators, political activists, religious leaders, writers and artists. We can also spread our stories by being unconventional, like the videos that go viral on YouTube and by meeting the needs of others (STORY, UNCONVENTIONAL and NEEDS—SUN).

          With technology and the social media, we can take storytelling to a new level, reaching millions and even billions of people worldwide. Our challenge is to rebut the malevolent stories, improve others and develop new ones to benefit society. Spread-a-Story web sites could become forums for addressing and resolving some of the great problems facing society. Spread-a-Story web sites organized along broad policy lines such as women’s rights, criminal justice, health care and the environment.