What Is Our Most Valuable Possession?

Dennis Toombs's picture

What is our most valuable possession? Not power. Are you surprised? Not some of the other usual culprits like money, intelligence, social skills, knowledge, education, good health, physical beauty or charisma. If not any of these, then what? Some hints may be helpful. In varying amounts, all of us have at least some of it. No matter how much we have or how well we budget this critical resource, we will eventually go broke in spending all of it.

With a little thought, the answer is obvious—TIME. Without it, we don’t exist. Nothing else matters. The lesson here is that we must get our act together. Like the sands of an hour glass, our cache of time is running out. However much we try, we will never value it fully, be completely aware of its short supply or use it as wisely as possible.